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Capstone Projects in Sustainability and Environmental Management

ENVR S-599 Capstone Projects in Sustainability and Environmental Management (32381)

George D. Buckley.

Class times: Tuesdays, Thursdays, 6:30-9:30 pm.

Course tuition: graduate credit $2,700.

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Limited enrollment.

This course provides students with the preparation for and the opportunity to complete a capstone project related to their professional interests. Capstone projects could include an analysis of a community, industrial, or global environmental issue, or creation of an environmental curriculum or media product. Prerequisites: students must be in their final semester as candidates in the ALM in sustainability and environmental management program at the Harvard Extension School. They must have completed all the course work for the program, including completion of the analytical skills and ecology requirements; they must also earn a satisfactory score on the test of critical reading and writing skills. In addition, they should have already met with George Buckley to discuss their project concept. Students who do not meet these requirements are dropped from the course. (4 credits)